Look 1 is the one that opens a show and announces the designer's new muse, the one who inspired a fashion story that will be told through a collection. Being look 1 is not just any moment, it is the trigger in a model's career. Emiliano Mocchiutti built a path in fashion from the age of 20 working in different modeling agencies. At 25 he became a representative through Hype, his first agency created with the premise of developing internationals. For 10 years many of her models opened catwalks, but that's when they confirmed that Magda Laguinge is look 1 of the Marc Jacobs Summer 2012 show that Look 1 was born as an agency. Look 1 is a registered trademark that goes beyond offering models to different clients, our premise is to promote and provide inspiration, as well as to give our talents the possibility to achieve their goals. We represent models with international projection and we are in constant search of new faces. Our first Look 1 were Romina Lanaro (look 1 by Christian Dior among many others), Milagros Schmoll (look 1 by Chanel and muse of Jean Paul Gaultier), Ceci Mendez (look 1 and muse of Ralph Lauren), Antonella Graeff (look 1 by Givenchy), Tati Cotliar (Miucca Prada's muse and Marc Jacobs look 1), Magda Laguinge (Marc Jacobs look 1) and Melissa Stasiuk (Proenza Schouler look 1), Sabrina Ioffreda (Tom Ford's look 1 and muse) . Today the front row is made up of the new litter: Mila Ganame, Linda Helena, Moira Berntz, Api Shaw, Karen Wilms and Manu Miloqui. Look 1 is Argentina's leading agency in the export and constant development of international careers. We work together with the best agencies on the 5 continents and also directly with internationally renowned labels such as Prada, Proenza Schouler, Loewe, Gucci and Balenciaga.